Choosing a janitorial service in NH

Choosing a janitorial service in NH

With so many commercial, janitorial cleaning services in NH, how should a company go about choosing the right one?  Due to so many companies having to watch the bottom line, many choose the company with the lowest price, but that may be a mistake.  There are many janitorial cleaning services that will come in and give you a price for cleaning services that look good, but  then, charge extra for duties that should be part of the contract, but weren’t listed in the daily or monthly services.  Make sure that everything you want done on a daily, monthly and yearly basis are clearly listed in any bid that you receive.   The best way to compare “apples to apples” is to either have them give you a price according to the cleaning specifications that you write up or make sure that the specifications they have meet your requirements and match that to the price that the cleaning company bids.  The best way to choose a company, would be by researching the history; looking for longevity in the business, call back time with quick response, good recommendations, and following up on the references that they give with their bid sheet.  Communication is beneficial for your service running smoothly!

Commercial cleaning: winter floor cleaning

It was a tough year for floor cleaning with all the snow, which brought the salt and sand in to the picture.  We used a lot of a product that breaks down the salt, but found it worked much better when our cleaners washed a floor with our every day neutral cleaner, rinsed and then mopped with the floor cleaner for salt and rinsed again.  As for the sand, dry mopping is the best solution, before washing.  When it comes to sand on the carpet, vacuuming works well, as long as it’s not wet and emptying the vacuum bag every night, keeps the motor running better and helps to prevent holes in the cloth bags.  It’s always more work in the winter, but it looks like we’re finally over that weather, until next winter!!

Anniversary Time

September marked R&W Cleaning Services 41st year in business in the southern NH area, so happy anniversary to us!  Here is our history:

R & W Cleaning Services, Inc. was founded in 1975 by Michael Roberge and Bruce Williams. Bruce left the company in the early 1980’s to pursue a career as a lawyer, but Michael continued to build upon an already rock-solid reputation in the community for the following few decades. During that time Michael grew the company into a strong, well respected company dedicated to providing high quality services at competitive prices, while maintaining the personal touch of the company’s customer services that allowed for so much success. Now with forty one years of experience in the industry, Michael continues to lend a guiding hand to the company through his vast knowledge and experience in commercial janitorial.

Scott Hamlin joined the company in the early 1980’s as a janitor and has since moved through the ranks to his current position of general manager. Scott oversees the nightly activities of the company and also handles the interviewing, screening and hiring of potential employees. With thirty six years of experience in the industry, Scott has seen it all and helps keep the cleaning programs of each individual customer running smoothly every day of the year.

Currently R & W Cleaning Services, Inc. is one of the largest cleaning companies owned and operated in New Hampshire with almost sixty employees. R & W currently handles accounts from Nashua to Concord, and eastward, which demonstrates that the entire southern portion of the state is well within our ability to service.

Thank you to all of our long term, current and former employees who have helped to make this business what it is today and we look forward to many more years of top quality service in NH.

Commercial Vinyl Floor Care

We have found over our almost 40 years of business, that not only are there a lot of changes in cleaning products, but also different types of flooring being installed in the businesses that we service.  We have one account that recently remodeled and installed a new commercial vinyl floor, which we were instructed to clean a certain way, using little water and a neutral floor cleaner.  We have tried several different kinds of neutral floor cleaner, but can’t seem to get it as clean as it should be for a new floor.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to a different way of cleaning a vinyl, snap-in flooring, that will take up the dirt better?  We have never had any issues with other flooring in other locations, so this is very frustrating, especially since we are following the cleaning instructions recommended by the floor installers and manufacturer.

Our biggest issue, is that winter is on its way, which means dealing with the calcium and sand.  This will only make for a more difficult situation with cleaning this floor.  We are currently having to machine scrub it on a monthly basis with a little water and a white pad.  This is only thing that works to get the embedded dirt out from the dimples in the floor.   We would very much appreciate any comments and/or suggestions anyone may have concerning this issue with new commercial vinyl flooring.

Treat them well.

After being in this business for the past 40 years, you see so many changes in equipment, cleaning products and materials, as well as finding the most efficient way to clean.  I have found that the biggest success to this business is the employees.  If you treat them well, they will do great work for you and benefit your company.  We have many employees that have been with us 10+ years and some even 20+ years!  There’s  a lot of competition out there, but staying in touch with our customers on a regular basis, being quick to get back to them and correct any issues or fulfill requests and keeping cleaners accountable by doing inspections often, has helped us to keep our clients happy for many years.