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R&W’s Monthly Newsletter                                                                           July  2018

Lean, mean, cleaning machines! (OK – some not so lean or mean!)                                                      

Message from owner Mike Roberge:

   Commercial  cleaning in NH during a heat wave, feels like Florida – Yuk!  Glad you made it through all right and hope that’s the end of it, but doubt it!  Just another reminder to keep hydrated during that kind of weather.  Some floors, during this hot, humid weather can take a longer time to dry, if there’s not good air conditioning (or AC at all), so please use wet floor signs if there are still people working in the building.  This is very important for safety reasons!  If you don’t have any signs on sight, please call the office and we will get some to you.  Try to enjoy the rest of the month by taking a drive to the mountains, lakes or just a backyard BBQ!


      Paul Gregoire

      Grace Salamh

     Marilyn Santiago-Rodriguez

                                                                          Susan Shorey

       Happy Birthday wishes to all of you!



   Edwin Melendez-Rodriguez          –        Londonderry


                                                         Kenneth Balcom       –          8 yrs.!

Scott Hamlin             –        38 yrs.!  (Still crazy after all the years!)

Fatima Hodzik       –          3 yrs.!

Fahira Rasimovski      –         10 yrs!


                 Bonus Winners for “Employees Of The Month” in JUNE:

            Kathy Fraser

           Cherylann Frederick

          Judy McHugh

            Debra Russo

              Thank you and keep up the good work!