For Employees

R&W’s Monthly Newsletter                                                                    OCTOBER  2018

Lean, mean, cleaning machines! (OK – some not so lean or mean!)                                                      

Message from owner Mike Roberge:

    As of last month, R&W Cleaning Services, Inc. has been in the commercial cleaning business in southern NH for 43 years!  Thank you to all of you who have made this possible!  I would like to bring up a few cleaning issues that I have found while doing inspections.  These may not apply to all of you, but for those who it does, please make sure that you do these on a weekly basis: wipe all stair railings; clean walls and baseboards under hand dryers; wash walls in back of all trash cans in the kitchens.  These are very easy to overlook, so please get in the habit of doing them on a regular basis.  Thank you for your attention to detail!  Hope all of you get a chance to get out and enjoy the nice weather and foliage, because you know what’s coming very soon!


  Aerum Delevan

      Phil Gilbert

          Diana McGuire

            Edwin Melendez-Rodriguez

        Wishing all of you a very Happy Birthday!



   *Nobody new this month*


       Nancy Balcom            –             12 yrs.!

      John Bascom              –              3 yrs.!

       Darlene Gilbert          –              3 yrs.!

      Emina Smajovic        –              6 yrs.!

       Pablo Valdez-Rivera  –             2 yrs.!


                 Bonus Winners for “Employees Of The Month” in SEPTEMBER:

            Tracy Hilbert

           Diana McGuire

          Christobal Otero

             Ana Rivera

              Thank you and keep up the good work!