Commercial Vinyl Floor Care

We have found over our almost 40 years of business, that not only are there a lot of changes in cleaning products, but also different types of flooring being installed in the businesses that we service.  We have one account that recently remodeled and installed a new commercial vinyl floor, which we were instructed to clean a certain way, using little water and a neutral floor cleaner.  We have tried several different kinds of neutral floor cleaner, but can’t seem to get it as clean as it should be for a new floor.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to a different way of cleaning a vinyl, snap-in flooring, that will take up the dirt better?  We have never had any issues with other flooring in other locations, so this is very frustrating, especially since we are following the cleaning instructions recommended by the floor installers and manufacturer.

Our biggest issue, is that winter is on its way, which means dealing with the calcium and sand.  This will only make for a more difficult situation with cleaning this floor.  We are currently having to machine scrub it on a monthly basis with a little water and a white pad.  This is only thing that works to get the embedded dirt out from the dimples in the floor.   We would very much appreciate any comments and/or suggestions anyone may have concerning this issue with new commercial vinyl flooring.

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