Choosing a janitorial service in NH

With so many commercial, janitorial cleaning services in NH, how should a company go about choosing the right one?  Due to so many companies having to watch the bottom line, many choose the company with the lowest price, but that may be a mistake.  There are many janitorial cleaning services that will come in and give you a price for cleaning services that look good, but  then, charge extra for duties that should be part of the contract, but weren’t listed in the daily or monthly services.  Make sure that everything you want done on a daily, monthly and yearly basis are clearly listed in any bid that you receive.   The best way to compare “apples to apples” is to either have them give you a price according to the cleaning specifications that you write up or make sure that the specifications they have meet your requirements and match that to the price that the cleaning company bids.  The best way to choose a company, would be by researching the history; looking for longevity in the business, call back time with quick response, good recommendations, and following up on the references that they give with their bid sheet.  Communication is beneficial for your service running smoothly!

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